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Appetizers ( Orectika )

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail

Cooked to order, served hot or cold

10 .95


A crisp golden triangle, filled with spinach, feta and eggs


Escargot Maison

Imported snails, baked in mushroom caps with seasoned garlic butter

9 .25

Fresh Steamed Mussels

Served in zesty Marinara or garlic white wine


Fresh Clams on the half shell

with cocktail sauce

9 .25

Baked Clams Sampler

Two of each, Casino Oreganato, Fair Haven Inn


Baked Clams a la Fair Haven Inn

Topped with spinach, feta, mozzarella

9 .95

Tender Grape Leaves

Stuffed with rice and herbs


Fresh Tender Calamaria

Sautéed in pure olive oil (Best Seller)

10 .95


Imported Kasseri Cheese, dipped in eggs, sauteed in butter, & served Flambe table side
“Our world famous Calamaria when accompanied by Retsina makes the Olympus Gods blush!”


Soupa & Salads

 Add Grilled Chicken or Shrimp to any a la carte Salad for $8. 95 extra


Chicken stock blended with eggs, lemon & orzo


Baked French Onion

 3 different cheeses used to top this masterpiece


Chef’s Soup du Jour


Greek Salad ala Carte

8.95 (with dinner 4.50)


Caesar Salad ala Carte

8.95 (with dinner 4.50)

That Salad a la Carte

6.95 (with dinner 4.50)

House Specialties

Veal Florentine

Tender veal, mozzarella and feta cheeses combined with spinach


Chicken Florentine

Boneless chicken breast, mozzarella and feta cheeses combined with spinach


Shell Seafood Medley

Assorted shellfish in a zesty red sauce over pasta


Fettuccini ala Alfredo

Our own tender noodles, skillfully prepared


Veal Scaloppini ala Pizzioloa

Tender veal, peppers, onions, mushrooms, red sauce on pasta


Peppered Pork Tenderloin

With sautéed spinach and balsamic vinegar


Fresh Vegetable Stir-fry



Layers of eggplant, potato, seasoned meat, topped with Bechamel


Ask you server about our Vegetarian Plate of the Day Side Pasta with Garlic & Oil available for $3.50 extra

From the Sea

 An Adventure with Poseidon


Fresh Catch of the Day – We are “The Poets of Fish”

We strive to offer an ever changing array of only the freshest fish, from all over the world. Your server will recite today’s choices

Grecian Baked Scrod

Fresh large fillet, sprinkled with nutlike crumbs, feta and butter; then baked lightly. Best accompaniment: St. Helena, Achaia Clauss.


Broiled Boston Scrod

A moist white fillet, gently broiled with lemon butter, sherry and wine. Best accompaniment: Demestica White.


Seafood Souvlakia

Shrimp, scallops, fresh fish and vegetables on a skewer; then broiled. Served on a bed of rice pilaf. Best accompaniment:St. Helena, Achaia Clauss.


Live Maine Lobster

Priced according to weight & market. Available steamed, broiled or stuffed. A number of wines from our list will marry well with any method of preparation you choose.


Jumbo Shrimp a la Greque

Jumbo shrimp, sprinkled with nutlike crumbs and feta, then baked with lemon butter. Also available as Scampi, Fra Diavlo, Marinara, Broiled Oreganato, or Stir Fry.


Fresh Broiled Sea Scallops

Sweet sea scallops, carefully broiled with lemon butter and sherry. Also offered ala Greque, Scampi, Broiled Oreganato, or Stir Fry.


From the Land

 An Adventure with Zeus

N.Y. Cut Sirloin Steak, Black Angus

Extra lean and tender. Seasoned our way – Cooked to your order. Best accompaniment: Pinot Noir, Talus.


The Filet Mignon, Black Angus

Tenderness of all cuts of beef. Best accompaniment: Demestica Red.
To Further Enhance Your Steak for $2.50 choose either Béarnaise Sauce, Sautéed Peppers or Sautéed Mushrooms.


Souvlakia – choose Beef or Lamb

Tender meats skewed with peppers, onions, mushrooms and tomato. Skillfully seasoned and cooked to order; served over rice pilaf. Best accompaniment: Grand Reserva, Boutari.


Milk-Fed Provimi Veal

Marsala, Picatta or Françoise. Best accompaniment: Chardonnay, Blackstone.


Sautéed Boneless Chicken Breast

Tender meats skewed with peppers, onions, mushrooms and tomato. Skillfully seasoned and cooked to order; served over rice pilaf. Best accompaniment: Grand Reserva, Boutari.


Lamb Chops Native, Double-Thick

Seasoned with gusto, broiled to order and presented over fresh spinach with their own natural juices. Best accompaniment: Grand Reserva, Boutari.


Grilled Chicken Portabella

A moist, marinated breast grilled with Portabella mushrooms and served with fancy greens, herb oil and balsamic vinegrette.


Menu prices subject to change